Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bye Bye Hairiness, Hello Silk'n Sensepil

Silk'n Sensepil $500

I did it! I purchased a big one! The Silk'n Sensepil! Retailed for $500 I cut myself a sweet deal otherwise I would have never gotten the device:
Retail Price: $500 @ Shoppers Drug Mart
- Vendor Coupon = $100
- Shoppers Employee Discount 30% = $150
- Redeemed Optimum Points = $170
+ HST 13% (damn taxes) = $45.50
= $125.50

The Silk'n Sensepil is an at home laser hair removal system. It's been approved by the FDA, Health Canada and is dermatologist and basically every-girl-at-my-workplace recommended! I did a lot of research prior to purchasing this system as well as my knowledge from aesthetics school about laser hair removal. It's got all your basic contraindications regarding laser hair removal:

Actual Silk'n Sensepil Machine

- avoid usage on tanned skin (recommended 4 weeks after sun exposure and 2 weeks before)

- will not work on naturally dark skin (sorry my African American friends)

- keep away from eyes (sorry eyebrows)

- will not work on gray or blonde hairs, best suited for pale skin with dark hair

Silk'n Sensepil Light Cartridge

These are the same contraindications that any laser hair removal would give you, even at the salon or dermatologist's clinics. Also important to know this is not permanent hair removal it is hair reduction.

So since I just got it it will be awhile before I see any results. I did try it for the first time today on my underarms and at first I jumped when I did the first pulse because it feel an immediate warmth and slight sting. It doesn't hurt but it is definitely a surprising sensation for the first time.

I'll wait a few months to post an update on how the system is working for me. Wish me luck!

If you want more information on hair removal methods read this post I wrote last year as a refresher!

Hair be Gone it's Summer Time!


  1. hair reduction is good enough for me, babe! i really would love to try laser one day ;-) hope that you are well darling face! happy friday!

    x james

  2. It seems fantastic!!!Great post :)

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  3. That looks interesting...I have never heard of it! Great sharing!


  4. Ohh i`d love ti try laser...but it`s sooo expensive :)

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