Saturday, July 28, 2012

How to: Transform your T-Shirt

1) A basic cotton, henley tee will do. These are nice for the summer because they are simple and lightweight. I got this one from Aerie on sale for $12.

2) I always hated these little strings that came in my shirts. I guess they are there to make hanging shirts easier, but to me they were just unnecessary and I would usually just cut them out. UNTIL NOW!

3) Wrap the string around your sleeve until you only have a little bit of string left

4) Knot the end of the string. (I realized afterwards how much easier it was to tie a knot first and then wrap the string around. So feel free to switch step 4 and step 3)

5) Tuck the knotted end into a loop to secure.

6) Et Voila! Transformed tee for those extra hot days.

 Enjoy the rest of the summer everyone!

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