Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hair be gone it's Summer time!

So summer is here and it’s time to pull out those shorts, skirts, dresses and tank tops and head to the beach in your bikini. Only problem is all winter you’ve been hiding away and letting your hair grow to beastly lengths. So what’s the best way to get rid of unwanted hair? There’s so many methods out there so today I’m gonna discuss with you each one and what the best way is.
1)      Shaving
Good old razor. It’s quick and easy and there is no pain involved. But it has a price to pay. Your hair starts to grow back almost instantly and it comes back dark, thick and stubbly… itchy that you need to shave pretty much every day.
What’s it good for? When you’re in a pinch otherwise don’t use it.
2)      Waxing
Painful yet effective. Removing hair from the roots you’re left hair free for a lot longer than just one day. And when your hair grows back you don’t get that itchy stubbly feeling. Because your hair grows in three different stages it’s not that your hair is growing in slower and less…but it does appear that way. I go weeks without waxing and  I don’t even realise I’m hairy until I actually look up close and realise oh damn I’m a beast!
Legs & underarms – every 3-4 weeks
Arms –beginning of summer (or vacation)
Eyebrows – every 2 weeks
Upperlip- every 3 weeks
3)      Sugaring
I recently discovered the magical powers of sugaring. It’s just a ball of melted sugar that they apply against the growth of the hair and remove with the growth of the hair. Don’t get me wrong I find all methods of hair removal are going to hurt, but sugaring doesn’t hurt as much. I find this method most effective for the bikini area or a full out brazillian. I find I do not get as sore or tender as I did when I waxed the area before. And the more often you go the less painful it is and the less frequently you have to go. I only do sugaring for my Brazilian though everything else I wax, because I can just wax myself. I wouldn’t suggest sugaring for larger body parts because it can be tedious and I wouldn’t sugar my eyebrows because it’s difficult to manipulate and you can only get precise results with waxing. But I can’t see why you couldn’t sugar your underarms that would probably nice and quick. The only thing I don’t like about sugaring is the smell of it. It smells like….well burnt sugar or very very pungent spices. So if you’re working with it all day you can definitely start smelling like it.
4)      Threading
This is a very difficult technique to master and I give mad props to anyone that can do it. Threading is an ancient method that originated from Indian and Persian cultures. Threading is usually very inexpensive due to the fact that the only resource you need is thin cotton thread. I used to get my eyebrow and upper lip threading for like $6.  But those are the only areas I would get threaded. The only thing I hated about it is you are expected to hold down parts taut while the practitioner is threading you. I wear contacts so I would be pressing down on my eyelid and after my eyes would get all blurry. Otherwise threading is cool I suggest everyone to try it!
5)      Laser and Electrolysis
I grouped these two together just because to me they are essentially the same as in they use machines and technology to remove hair. Laser Hair Removal should really be called Laser Hair Reduction, because although after a few (very expensive) sessions your hair will be gone, after a while it will start to come back. It may not come back in full force as much as before, but eventually it will. Laser is something you would have to do every few years. Electrolysis is the only proven form of permanent hair removal. It is also the most painful method. A “probe” aka. needle is inserted into each individual hair follicle and then you are zapped with an electric current for what feels like an eternity. Suddenly you understand what it feels like to be a moth stuck in a bug zapper. Not pleasant! Not only that, but it also takes a bit of playing around with the buttons and dials before you can figure out the right formula to properly remove the hair, and it’s different for everyone! I’d rather just wax and sugar myself every once in a while then to go through that pain. 

Check out my video if you're too lazy to read or just wanna!

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