Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Too Cheap for Visionnaire.....but I'll buy that LiftActiv 10

There's always those luxury items that we want but unfortunately cannot justify paying exorbitant prices for. So if we are able to purchase a similar product for a significantly lower price than why not? This is where my new segment "Too Cheap....but i'll buy that knockoff" comes into play.
Today's focus will be on an innovative product "Visionnaire" from Lancome.
Lancome 'Visionnaire' 30 ml $100
Function: Corrects pores, unevenness and wrinkles
For: all skin types and ages
Benefits: evens out redness and discolouration, safe to use around eyes and can even brighten dark circles, skin is more radiant, pores and wrinkles are minimized.
How to use: Treat as a serum, use in the morning or evening after cleansing and before moisturizing

Visionnaire premiered last year and has become Lancome's top seller.  Their claim is "In just 4 weeks, Visionnaire radically improves the appearance of wrinkles, pore and uneven texture, leaving your skin visibly tranformed".

Sounds damn good doesn't it? The price is not too hefty compared to some other outrageous products out there, but if you're still peering into your wallet and debating what's more important, an oil change on your car or Visionnaire, then consider the alternative.

Vichy LiftActiv Serum10 $55
 For almost half the price, you can get a similar product which boasts similar results. They both share a majority of the same ingredients only the LiftActiv promotes a special patented ingredient of theirs called "Rhamnose" which helps stimulate activity in the "Derm Source" (aka. wakes up your cells in the dermis layer and tells them to get on their asses and start doing something productive like producing collagen to plump up that saggy skin).

Vichy's claim is that " LIFTACTIV Derm Source Serum 10 is a powerful anti-wrinkle serum that leaves skin looking and feeling instantly transformed. Wrinkles appear reduced and skin feels velvety smooth."

Decision Maker
So why the hell am I paying almost double the price for the exact same product may you ask? Well my little munchkins, its simple. I was wondering the exact same thing myself until I tried out both products. The major difference is the feeling of the product. Sounds dumb right? But it is not. When Visionnaire is applied it absorbs quickly into the skin and you can feel an instant softening and smoothness to the skin. But when you apply the LiftActiv 10, the skin feels sticky to the touch and it takes a minute or two for it to absorb into the skin. Even after it has absorbed, you can always feel the LiftActiv almost sitting ontop of your skin, while the Visionnaire is completely absorbed and you skin feels like a baby's bum. If you have oily skin, LiftActiv 10 is not a product for you because sticky icky combined with your overproduction of sebum is not going to feel pleasant. I suggest forking out that extra $45 and purchase the Visionnaire, it will do wonders for your pores and acne scarring. But if you are a bit more mature and no longer have any issues with oiliness and are more on the dry side, then aren't you lucky because you can save those dollars and get the oil change your car desperately needs and still have enough for the LiftActiv your skin is also desperately asking for.

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