Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Welcome to Canada BB Cream!

Can we be any slower? Lately I've been hearing all the rage about BB Creams. Whether it be at the beauty boutiques, salons and spas or even on the local news. Where was everybody like two years ago? BB Creams (aka. Blemish Balm Creams) are making their debut in the Canadian scene this season and its caused a manic frenzy. When I say BB Cream is coming to Canada I don't just mean we are selling Korean brand BB creams in Asian stores in Canada. Duh, I know we've been selling them here for a while now so don't be pelting trolling stones at me. What I mean is that major North American cosmetic companies are launching their own BB creams. They've already made their debut in the U.S, but are only emerging on the Canadian market now. But before you make the transition let's go over some differences.

Let's state the obvious. When it comes to skincare Asia and North America got some major differences when it comes to needs and wants. Over in Asia there is a huge emphasis on flawless, porcelain like skin; while in North America the emphasis is more on keeping our skin looking as young and radiant for as long as possible. So this of course reflects in the major differences in how BB cream is being advertised and formulated in the opposing continents.

Asian BB Cream
  • skin whitening and brightening
  • even out skin tone
  • anti-scarring and anti-blemish
  • can be used in place of foundation 
  • used in conjunction with other skincare products
  • Advertised as a healing product
North American BB Cream
  • similar to a tinted moisturizer but with added properties
  • lifting, firming and hydrating
  • colour correction
  • all in one sunblock, moisturizer, light coverage foundation, colour correction and anti-aging product
  • can be used in place of foundation or under foundation like a primer
  • for those who want convenience and don't want to fuss with all the products, this does it all
  • Advertised as an all-in-one product
As of now Smashbox, Marcelle, Garnier and Estee Lauder have BB creams. Lancome, Clinique and MAC should be debuting soon. Soon pretty much every major cosmetics company will be coming out with a BB cream, it's just a matter of time. But hold your horses before your transition. Let's just make this clear "Asian BB Cream is not the same as North American BB cream". Although they have many similarities in the end the needs in Asia are very different in North America, so it is almost impossible to compare the products. You have to consider what your skincare needs are and go from there. If you want something to use in conjunction with your skincare routine that will heal and recover your skin throughout the day, go with Asian BB cream. But if you are not one to fuss with makeup and skincare products and just want one item that will do it all (not very well, consider if you like 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner then you'll like this) use the North American BB cream.

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