Thursday, April 12, 2012

My week Apr.1-Apr.8 in pictures

Excuse my absence from last week I really have no good excuse for not posting at all. Blame it on laziness and procrastination. I thought i'd make up for it with some pictures from my phone to let you know what the highlights of my week have been.
1. My cat Loki is my daily entertainment.

 2. Good Friday to us Asian Buddhists mean everything is closed and life sucks. Everything except for Markham, gotta love my Chinese motherland lol.  We made the journey up to Pacific Mall where I quickly regretted it because it was so packed. A few of the things I hate most in life are line ups and people pushing me or touching me in general. But at least I got new glasses, contact lenses and some baked goods out of the trip. I'll be back next week to pick up my glasses and contacts. Afterwards we went to Go For Tea on Highway 7. It's basically a huge ass fancy pants bubble tea restaurant. I took a picture of the fancy decor, me and my massively huge bbt and a Canadian goose that's made it's home out in front of the restaurant. Last time I went to Go For Tea was probably more than a year ago. As we were pulling into the parking lot I was telling Ken, my fiance, how last time there was a mother goose that had made it's nest infront of the store and the father goose would basically hiss and attack anyone that came near her. Low and behold they were there again! Poor geese have no home :( Ken tried to pose behind the father goose who was sitting nearby in the middle of a handicapped parking space but he started to flap his wings and hiss at Ken.

Secrets out! I am Laotian (both parents are from Laos) and yes I am Buddhist. I was basically raised in a temple my mother was apart of the Lao committee and was very involved in the temple affairs and Laotian community in our area. My grandmother as well is a huge advocate, so I guess you can say it's in my blood. This year was the first year I went to temple by myself without any family and I think I did pretty well for myself. I also dragged Ken along with me even though he's not Laotian or Buddhist but he was a good sport. The temple and Laotian community have always treated me well and now that I am getting older I am trying my best to be more involved and give back as well.

4. When people come over they are amazed to find that my cat actually uses his cat tree! It's cute because he actually sleeps in there from time to time. This is his napping place and his bed is for only night time sleeping. My trick was I would give him treats every time he would go on the tree and only there. So now he just goes there automatically! :)

I promise my next post will be beauty related but I thought it'd be fun to share apart of me with you all. I find joy in simple every day delights and my phone is filled with lots of fun life moments. I would like to continue sharing them with all of you out there!


  1. wow such a cute cat..haha the first picture had be laugh^^
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  2. happy new year girlie! my nephew is half cambodian so my family celebrated ;-) my parents were born in laos! my dad spoke it fluently along with Hmong ;-) hope you had a great time celebrating hun! have a happy week


  3. Loki's great! :D So funny. :)

  4. I love kitties <3

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