Friday, June 15, 2012

Makeup for Glasses....not as easy as it looks

I recently went on a Youtube search for good makeup tutorials for glasses and came up with....a lot of complaints. Here are a few things that really bothered me about the majority of the tutorials that I found. Now mind you I was biased in my search and only watched the Asians, because let`s face it, I`m Asian. Surprise!

1) First off do any of these people actually need glasses? Because when I put makeup on without contacts or glasses I can't see S***! I got a mirror up so close my breath is causing a fog and my brushes are tapping the mirror. These people look like they are not having a difficult time at all. Also bringing me to my next point....

2) They are all wearing circle or coloured lenses with their glasses! So either they are wearing non prescription contacts under their glasses or they are not so blind. I mean I am pretty blind, one eye is -6.25 and the other is -5.75 (I've only met one person in my life that is more blind than me). So for me it's either i'm wearing my contacts or i'm wearing my glasses,because glasses are reserved for those lazy days or days when allergies are really bugging me.

3) This is not really a point on the youtube tutorials but thought i'd add it in. I know glasses are the "in" thing nowadays but back when I started wearing them in the fifth grade they were a stigma blasted upon me, "Why God why?" I protested. My first pair of glasses were of the Harry Potter variety and I hated them! So I think it's funny that now people are walking around in even more ginormous frames, especially us Asians.

Mom and I @ Grade 6 Graduation

One time I went to a sushi restaurant and I was complaining to the waitress about my order and I could not take this woman seriously at all for one reason. She was wearing glasses but with no lenses! I felt like sticking my finger through her frames and poking her eyeball. What the! If you are going to wear fake glasses then at least wear fake lenses! If you don't like the glare then don't wear them at all, you fake posers!

Anyways there goes my rant about fake glasses tutorials. I just had to let it all out. I was happy to find a tutorial by someone that actually does wear glasses. So you can check that out below here. She's got some other glasses tutorials that are borderline "fake glasses", but this one tutorial made it all up to me.



  1. Thank you for commenting on my page! And recommending La Roche-Posay to me! I will def try this out . My face is soo red and bumpy!!

  2. I love bubbie so much <3 she has such a cute personality and her tutorials are great

  3. oh yes i know exactly what you mean! i need new glasses though :) just a quick hello! hope youre well

    x james


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