Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day, Lovers!

It's the big day of love and I can feel it in the air. Sad to say i've been looking forward to this day for weeks because I knew it was guaranteed wine and dine date night. Wine and dine date nights used to be frequent just like any blossoming love promises to give, but they have dwindled down over the years as expected. I am a big foodie and enjoy being wined and dined so I took it upon myself to book reservations at a nice restaurant well ahead of time (aka. the morning before). Such a rare outing calls for some "looking good" time, so here's the Valentines' Day look for 2012.
Top: Aritzia Talula Skirt: RW & Co Tights: sister's closet :p 
Focus: I always base my outfits on a focus item. I think of an item that I absolutely want to wear and I base the rest of my look on it. I purchased this top originally because it reminded me of  a red top my sister and I absolutely loved that mom used to wear back in the day. But somehow we misplaced it over the years. The top was on sale so I went for it. I later found out the Aritzia top was orange.....I must really be colour blind because I swear that's red!
Outfit: Once again I know the top is actually orange, but i'm sticking to my colour blindness.... IT IS RED! So Valentine's Day = Red. Red and black is such a classic glam wham bam thank you mam!
Makeup: My inspiration for this look was Hyuna in 'TroubleMaker'.
Hyuna in 'TroubleMaker'

 Red lips and lots of liner! Thank god i finally grabbed some liquid liner, I've been lost without it.

So Valentine's Day ended up being wonderful. The restaurant we went to had  really pretty flowers they gave me lots of inspiration. Hope they inspire you as well!
White hydrangeas and roses

Thanks for reading chiclets! Tell me how your Valentine's day went in the comment box below.
Source for Hyuna 'TroubleMaker' image:

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