Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Soft kitty, warm kitty graphic tee

Soft kitty graphic tee by SoudavoneS
Soft kitty graphic tee, a photo by SoudavoneS on Flickr.
I love Big Bang Theory, I love my cat and I love this tee!

I bought it from HMV

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  1. such an adorable t-shirt!! every time i see The Big Bang Theory on TV, i think.. I should watch this show! But i alwayssss catch the last 5 mins or so! Anyway, i hope that you are doing just fine!!

    love, jamie

  2. interesting and casual.

  3. HAHA YES! i remember this episode of BBT!!!

  4. // I got the boots in the store called "Monki" dunno if its international :3 i got them last year, so i guess you won't find them there anymore.. but ive seen loads of shoes that look similar : D


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