Monday, March 26, 2012

Babylips? More like Chappylips

Thoroughly disappointed.
Most products can just sell themselves. When I first saw Maybelline Babylips, ToysRUs immediately popped into my mind. I think the lettering is similar or something which is what threw me off. But upon closer inspection I saw their claims :

"Clinically proven to make lips 82% visibly less dry, 94% less rough, 77% more supple, and 77% better looking after just four weeks of use! It's clinical care for baby soft lips."  -Maybelline

I've also read a few reviews on this product and so many people were raving about it. 
Also if you purchased two of them at Shoppers, you got 2500 optimum points. So I quickly nabbed the Cherry Me and Pink Punch.
Maybelline Baby Lips

  • very moisturizing initially but over time lips become very dry and flaky
  • nice light tinted balm, great for when you want a little colour but don't want to wear full on lipstick
  • lots of product, shouldn't run out too soon
Result:  7/10

This product does not live up to it's outlandish claims, so I was very disappointed. My lips would become dry after some time (probably within an hour or two) and when I would apply more, it looked horrible because my lips were flaky from the initial application. On the other hand I like that it has a light tint, so I find myself using it a lot, only because I have nothing else on hand. This product has triggered a new quest for me to find the perfect moisturizing lip tint.  


  1. when i bought these, i got them all for free because i was couponing like a mad woman! to be honest, i dont know where any of them are right now. probably in different purses or in my car. hmm, that goes to show that i didnt like it much ;-) loved your review girlie! have a great weekend <3

    x james

  2. I cannot stand chapped lips. They are such a pet peeve of mine!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  3. oowow they look great and i love this review...i really want to try it out tooo...


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