Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dream High a chance to Fly High!

Okay, okay! I am a streamer addict, guilty as charged. Now that megavideo`s down it`s made my life a living hell. I am like THIS close to sacrificing something in order to pay the exorbitant amount of $$$ for some cable up in here. Thank god for South Korea! After a long hiatus i`ve caved and started watching K dramas again.

Totally after watching Boys before Flowers (the Japanese version, not Korean version) it ruined all other dramas there after for me it was THAT good! SOOOOO GOOOD! But last year a friend of mine had suggested I watch Dream High and I loved it, so when I saw that the second season had come out I had to watch it too.
Everybody gotta stop knocking Dream High 2. Okay, I know it`s not the original cast but get over it. Boo hoo! But seriously it`s just as good but in its own way.
Dream High 2 Cast
Teenage angst, pop idols, singing, dancing, love triangles and squares oh my! And just like every other Kdrama you`ve got your stereotypical characters. The main girl, Shin Hae Sung, is this poor, stupid blubbering idiot that everybody feels bad for. You`ve got Rian, the bitch that is just blatantly rude for no apparent reason. Jin Yoo Jin is the bad boy that can`t help but have a sweet spot for sad girls in need. Then there`s JB the pretty boy that comes off as cocky but is just really insecure with himself. And of course you`ve got your secondary characters for comic relief and distractions. Mix them altogether and you`ve got a hell of a drama. The thing I really like about this drama though is that it is not so predictable and linear as your usual Kdramas. There`s a lot of plot twists and you`re constantly changing who you`re rooting for.

One thing you can't deny is how great Park Ji-Yeon of T-Ara, playing Rian, looks. I love her elongated eyeliner and her long, soft wispy hair. Even though she plays the nasty bitch, she does it so well especially with this look. She's always sporting a headband with either a tiara or spikes fastened on, and these crazy nail art designs.

The one thing that bothers me though is how she's always wearing this fierce eyeliner. Whether she's going to sleep, waking up or sick in the hospital. I guess it's all apart of her character. Super divas can never look bad, right?

Here is my take on Rian's elongated eyeliner look. I also love the pink lips that look like they were just overly bitten. I used Smashbox O-Plump to achieve that natural bitten pink lips.

Rian Tumblr Image

Check out Catalina's (CL2425) tutorial on how to achieve elongated eyes in the video link below.


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