Friday, March 16, 2012

My day at Toronto Fashion Week

On Wednesday, Mar 14 I jumped on a greyhound bus for the first time in years to embark on my mini journey to Toronto fashion week. This was a voyage I had done on a regular basis during my college years but since moving back home and finding all my basic necessities locally, my Toronto busing trips had gone from frequent to zilch.
I've never gone to fashion week and I saw the opportunity to volunteer so I went for it. This was my only shift and luckily the weather was super nice. Spring has come to Southern Ontario very very early!
I was in the Studio Room for most of the day and I got to help set up and organize for two shows for the day.

The first was for Eva Chen, a Vancouver based designer. Luckily I got to sit in for the show and I had a pretty good seat, I sat at the front right where the models would be entering.Chen used a lot of blush and grey and I loved the colour combo. Below is my favourite look of the show. I just think she looks like a super romantic bratty princess!
Eva Chen Fall '12

The second show was for Cara Cheung, a Toronto based designer. I believe this was her first runway show and wow I was really impressed. She's pretty young and new to the scene and I think she's going to do great things. For this show I didn't get to sit but got stuck squatting in the back so I didn't get a good view but I still thought it was really well done. If I had to describe Cheung's show I would say "futuristic party girl". I love how structured yet elegant her looks were. I was seriously impressed. I want I want! Below is my favourite look of the show and I believe it was also her final dress. I also loved how the models' hair was styled. They all had long soft curls and one side of their head was plaited. Everything was well put together!
Cara Cheung Fall '12

We were explicitly told not to take pictures and being the good obedient girl I am.....I didn't. At one point when we were organizing the swag bags I was very tempted to take a picture of myself with all the fabulous bags....but I was quickly whisked away to another task.
That was my day at fashion week! It totally inspired me to start volunteering more for big events, maybe I'll hit up TIFF this year. Next year I will definitely make an effort to make it for more than one day for fashion week!


  1. Ohh I was at TFW on that day too! I wanted to see Eva Chen and Cara Cheung so bad but it was already sold out by the time I got the site. Instead, I went for Vawk. I too am looking towards volunteering for these big events as well :) seems cool to be able to go behind the scenes

    1. That's funny because I wanted to see the Vawk show but I didn't get to. I got to see from the side stage through a crack of a curtain, but that seriously doesn't even count. Possibly thinking of volunteering for fashion week again in the fall too. It is pretty cool to see what goes on behind the scenes. The event seems a lot less intimidating in that aspect I guess.

  2. I'm a HUGE Hunger Games fan too! And I can totally see where you are coming from. Ever since reading the series, I tend to relate a lot of things back to the book. Rad Hourani's collection emulated such seriousness especially in the opening when there was the very eerie music which reminded me of forests. Great observation haha!

  3. Your volunteer work sounds something I'd love to do. I study cultural management, which basically means that I could organize events and such - well there's plenty of other things too (work at museums, TV, etc) but I would be happy if my future career had something to do with fashion or such :>

    I live in Finland, that's why all the sudden snow ! It started to get spring-like and sun was shining a lot, but last weekend it all changed back to more wintery - boohoo ! :D It might take a while until I get to wear shorts and dresses here.

    Thanks for stopping by! ^^

    - Indie by Heart

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    1. Your program sounds like so much fun! I love museums too! I wish I had had better direction when I was younger. The possibilities!

      Well I live in Canada so we normally do get quite a bit of snow, but this winter was really wacky....hopefully our summer won't suffer because of it.

      Anyways thanks for the comments! Keep in touch :)


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