Monday, March 12, 2012

The real world awaits you....but you can't ignore the fantasy world either

Oh man, i've been totally slacking in regards to blogging but for good reason.
1) Yes, I do have a day job, well it's actually more like a night job because I work until midnight which means I don't wake up until around 1 some days.
2) I am taking online courses to complete the program I started when I was 18 and never finished......don't ask me how long ago that was.
3) And I have a wedding to plan which is happening in a very short two months! AAAAKK!

I've been pretty successful at blogging at least once a week, but in the world of the Internet once a week might as well be never. So now that i've finished one of my online courses and won't be starting my next one for at least a month, possibly two, I hope to blog more frequently. I'm aiming for twice a week! Cheer me on guys!

This post wasn't really about anything special, just a post to let you know i'm a real person and I got stuff to do lol

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  1. This was really a nice post, it's always great to read about real things and not just fashion and such - which are great too but I love getting to know the person behind each blog a bit. :)
    My school is pretty online based now too, since it's last year and all I need to do is 1 training period and such. Good luck to us hehe ! ^^

    Thank you for the comment :) Do stop by anytime again! Have a lovely day,

    - Indie by Heart

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